Product Name: no paper face gypsum board production line

Product description: China first automatic no paper face gypsum board production line Production capacity: from 1 million m2 to 10 million m2 per year Fuel: Oil, natural gas and coal Advantage: Save labor, High output, No need air-cure, Surface smooth level off, Cost savings

Product details

Our company independent research and development of the first no paper face gypsum board production line, and the machine has been formally put into production in abroad, the no paper face gypsum board has a strong willfulness, bright color, smooth surface which produced use our machine. 


Our machine include

1. Drying system, after the completion of the production can be directly as a finished product sales, which solves the problem of the drying, and save a lot of time.

2. Automatic edge banding system, which solves the problem of the manual sealing side,

and greatly improving the efficiency.


No paper face gypsum board production line include: Automation fuel conveyance system, Forming system, Automation cutting system, Horizontal transmission system, Into board distribution system, Drying system, Output board system, Heating supply system, Electronic control system, Automatic edge banding system, Automatic piling system.

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