Product Name: Gypsum ceiling board mold

Product description:

Product details

Gypsum ceiling board mold:

Gypsum board mold for the ceiling have the light weight and strong strength.There are different patterns available.Please find them as below:




1. Environmental friendly

2. Non-combustible

3. High strength

4. Heat &sound insulation

5. Easy to install and fix

6. With a competitive price

7. Hundreds of pattern

Main specifications:

600mm×600mm. 600mm×800mm. 600mm× 900mm. 600mm×1000mm.

600mm×1200mm. 600mm×1500mm. 600mm×1800mm. 300mm×300mm.

300mm×600mm. 300mm×1200mm. 300mm×1800mm

Supply ability:350000 sets per year